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Ninja Link allows you to hide your URLs. By simply entering a link in the textbox above, you will get a link that points to, and automatically redirects to your link. This means that the visitor won't know what the actual URL is until he visits the site. Why would you want that?

Hide your referrer URLs

Often you'll want to refer people to a site or service, and recieve comission for it. A link like that could be: click here for a cool ad program! A lot of people will simply refuse to click on a link like that because they see the "ref=edmunds" part, and realise you will recieve comission. Instead, they'll copy-paste the URL and delete your referrer info from it. To avoid this, you should mask your URL using Ninja Link, like this: click here for a cool ad program! Take note! URL redirect services tend to have preview functions! This would allow a visitor to see what the URL is before accessing it, and deleting your referrer info from it. Ninja Link has no such preview function!

Play a joke on your friends

Sometimes you'd want people to access a different site from the one they think they will access. To do this, you can often hide your URLs under some anchor text, but if they read the link, they will still know the URL they will visit. To avoid this, you can mask the URL so they have no idea where they're going, like this: Click here for free porn!

Make your URLs more accessible

Sometimes URLs can be annoyingly long. And sometimes you need to enter them in textbox that has a charcter limit. Or you need to paste them in a forum post, and the forum software breaks up the URL into a thousand pieces making it unclickable, or inserts an extra "<br>" tag. Or you just don't want to copy-paste someone an URL that is ugly. In all of those cases, Ninja Link can help!

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